Bed bugs that bite

Readers might think that this issue is unrelated to what is usually written about advanced home living. On the contrary, it is strongly related to our sleeping habits and a healthy living environment. You may also think that bed bugs are long extinct and these little critters do not exist any longer. However, they are more common then you would suspect and could even be hiding out in your house. These things are about 3/16 of an inch long and do not just hide in the seams of your mattress or the crevices of sheets and comforters, but can also be found in many other places in the house. That is what makes them so difficult to detect.

A bite from a bed bug can cause symptoms such as itching and even red welts or swelling, but by the time this manifests itself, it probably already has been several days ago since they drew blood. In case you suspect you may have bed bugs and want to get rid of them, visit the Orkin site. They have a wealth of information on these critters and it is definitely worth reading. You will be surprised how easily Bed Bugs spread. Don’t worry, Orkin can even help you getting rid of the little blood suckers as well.

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