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How to build an outdoor shed

outdoor shed

If you are the one that touches on gardening projects or crafts, you should have a collection of tools and need storage space. The perfect place for them is a shed where you can store in a clear and always knows when a tool is when you need it.

The construction of a shed outside may seem difficult, but it is not. Here are some simple steps.

• Firstly, have one of the best storage shed plans. They are widely available online. Look at the different plans and choose the one that has the look you want and that is in balance with the size of your house is not a structure or a dominant minuscule compared to the house. You also want to make sure you agree with the laws of the regional construction and most likely is that the bylaws. In most areas, a structure of less than 100 square feet does not require a building permit, but contact the local building authority to be on the right side.

• After choosing a plan, you must have a design for the ship. Mark the perimeter and must be very precise stage of the foundation right. Use the up or right-angle triangles to the issues, then attach a cord to the starting line the perimeter. Make sure the perimeter is a square or a rectangle, measuring lines before starting work on the foundations.

• The next step is to create a foundation, what can be done with concrete piers or concrete slabs, but the foundation of concrete blocks. However, it will depend on the budget because it is built in and how each type of foundation will be.

• The floor system is as follows. This is done by setting the floor joists so that the exterior dimensions are in line with the ship. Use pencil marks every 12 inches of two parallel beams and draw triangles using the triangle method. After that, the media must be nailed and should also focus every 12 inches and start sliding and then nail down too. The last step to complete the wooden floor is driving through the area. Reinforced by the placement of wood perpendicular to the joists or apply glue.

• The next step is to the wall. Establish lines of plywood precut wood around the hand to each other and nailed fast. To do this, with four walls and then help them up. Set up temporary bracing to hold the nail walls before putting together. Finish with a plank of wood around the top of the walls. You should now have a shed with four walls, floor and roof that is not the last step.

To finish the roof, down four wooden beams perpendicular to the ceiling to form a triangle in the center of the ship. Then nailing wooden boards, one by one to finish the roof, and nailed. The penultimate step is to get the door hinges are attached and finally the window. You can choose to use window shades instead of glass panels.

Finish with a layer of paint you want to get out of the cabin or natural.

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