Climate change pressuring energy technology

With the likes of providing us Texans with all the energy that we’ll ever need, it makes me wonder why we haven’t been more pro-active about pushing for green energy. There is going to be a time when we simply are reaching the point where we’re running out of our fossil fuels or natural gas; it’s completely inevitable and will become a major problem to our national security if nothing is done. Even the current state of our energy infrastructure is not something to be proud of and as long as the oil companies continue to line the pockets of our politicians we’re going to be one step behind those countries that are developing the technology to harness renewable resources.

It’s one of those conumdrums that never ceases to baffle me. We have all this money. We have all this power and influence on the global stage and yet we cannot come to terms with the fact that we might need to invest in new technology in order to harness alternative energy sources. It might not be oil. It might not be coal. It is, however, necessary and those companies who are pushing for our continued reliance on it as such should be considered anathema to our current way of life.

With the most recent Paris climate change summit there might be hope yet. It is only the second time that America has agreed to acknowledge that climate change is a real issue and must be addressed at all costs. If America is to retain its position as a global superpower then it must face hard facts; climate change, whether driven by human influences or natural occurrences, is a threat to civilization as it currently stands. With more investments made into the green sector we should see changes that can help us cope with the coming years.

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