Focusing on HVAC Efficiency for Year-Round Comfort

Whether you’re heating or cooling your home, a central-air system uses a substantial amount of energy. To save on exorbitant costs, the system must be as efficient as possible. Year-round comfort starts with a simple look at your HVAC components. Try these tasks out on your system so that energy costs remain low as you extend the life of the parts.

Add a Modern Thermostat

Pressing a button or flicking a switch isn’t necessary on today’s thermostats. Advanced electronics control your home’s temperature to a precise degree. Use a touchscreen to alter the temperature or an app on your smartphone. It’s possible to alter your system if you’re at work or on vacation. Internet connectivity gives the modern thermostat legs as you conveniently control the home’s comfort level. With automatic adjustments, you’ll always have the right temperature to save money.

Clean Out the Ductwork

An area that’s almost always overlooked is the ducting within the home. Cool or warm air moves through the ducts so that each room has a uniform temperature. The ducts accumulate dust and debris over time, however. Grease from cooking sticks to the ducts as the droplets float through the air, and this fact allows dust to cling to the duct’s interior walls. Cleaning the ducts out allows the air to move without any obstructions, which leads to enhanced efficiency.

Remove Obstacles

Busy households often create their own efficiency issues by stacking items in front of vents. Take a moment to walk around your home. Visually inspect each vent, including exhaust and incoming pathways. Remove any obstacles covering the vents. Air cannot move through the system with obstacles in the way. This situation only forces the system to work harder, which degrades the parts even further.

Swap Out the Filter

The filter protects the HVAC components from excessive contamination. However, this filter fills up with debris over time. Replace or rinse off the filter depending on its design. Allowing air to move freely through the filter increases your system’s efficiency. In most cases, check your filter at least once a month. It may require a replacement on a regular basis if you use the system every day.

Calling the professionals for yearly servicing is critical to a healthy, HVAC system. Ductwork cleaning Yorktown VA is a great way to kick off your maintenance project. Keep up with these appointments to see enhanced cooling and heating throughout the year.

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