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Improvements for Increasing Home Value

It has been a number of years since anything has been done to the house my father lived in before he passed away. It is kind of in a sad state, but things need to be done to it soon, so that it can be made ready to go on the market for sale. Part of me does not want to see the house sold, but it is not going to serve much purchase to maintain ownership of it. I am currently purchasing some orange county shutters to have installed at the house because that is one of the things that I want to do to make it look better and more ready to sell.

It is probably going to take a lot of work to get this house to the point where it will sell for a good amount of money, but it is all going to be worth it. It is much better to put in the time and money to fix it up, than to sell it as it is and hope to get just a fraction of what it could be worth in the end. I think my father would like it this way anyway, because he did love the house, even though he did let it fall apart a bit there at the end.

That wasn’t really his fault though, because he was not in much shape to take care of the house in the years before he passed away. His health wes failing him for a number of years before he finally died. I wish that I knew how bad his health was, because I would have tried to get him to move out and to come live with me. But he has always been very secretive about his health and so my siblings and I were in the dark.

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