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Three popular uses for shade sails

Shade sails are used in a variety of ways. Their angles and wonderful colors provide many uses for people looking for the perfect covering, whether it’s for a party, a deck, or even a poolside relaxation. If you’re wondering what to do with shade sails, read on to get some great ideas.

1. Add decorative shading at your next party. If it’s summer and you’re looking to entertain outdoors, then you know that all those people moving around is going to stir up some sweat and ire. No one likes a miserable barbecue, so use your Tenshon sail to add a cool, colorful covering to your next outdoor party. Your guests will both admire it and be grateful for its inclusion. Those who want a little sun can go beyond its borders.

2. Cover your patio or courtyard, whether residential or commercial. Both personal patio owners and hotel courtyard maintainers have found these sails to be perfect for keeping themselves and guests cool and shaded. Home owners love it because it lets them enjoy their patio without burning, and hotel and restaurant guests love them because it lets them enjoy cool breezes without the threat of UV.

3. Shade your pool so you can stay in as long as you want. Pool lovers know that even on a cloudy day, staying in the pool for too long can mean some nasty burns and UV exposure. Sails take away the worry by letting you stay in as long as you want – as long as you don’t prune!

Your next shade sails from Tenshon can be what comes to rescue your business, your patio, or your party. Check out their site and choose from a wide selection of designs and colors and to make sure they blend in, and enjoy!

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