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Repainting your kitchen cabinets

repainting your kitchen cabinets

Hiring a contractor to help you make renovation projects can be costly. The home improvement professional is usually a price level for the renovation of some such as remodeling a kitchen renovation or bathroom. It is worthwhile to hire a contractor when you need to complete the renovation. But what if you only need to paint your kitchen cabinets? Do you also need to hire a contractor to do the job?

For minor home improvements like painting the kitchen cabinets, most people like the project for DIY. This DIY project has some advantages, especially in the budget you have to spend. As part of plans to improve the house yourself, just spend money for materials. No need to pay for the worker, and manage the project itself.

Therefore, here are the steps how to paint the kitchen cupboard solo.

1. Determine which colors to use for your cabinets. It’s a good idea to display the color of his office with waiting Corel or similar programs. Just be sure to choose the colors you really want, you can get maximum satisfaction when the project is completed.

2. The second thing to do is clean the cabinets. Usually the food waste is stuck on the surface of the cabinet and must be cleaned before painting. If you want to make cleaning easier, simply remove the cabinet doors. You can put it down and start the cleaning process easier. This way you can access the hidden corners of your cabinets.

3. Once you have cleaned your cabinets in the background, now comes the most important part of this project. Sand the cabinets is the next thing to do. Make sure all the cabinets parts sand carefully for best results. You can spend a lot of time on the sand of the cabinet, but if properly managed this section you will find that sustainability will be more pain.

4. The fourth step is to enforce the bottom of the cabinets have been sanded. This is particularly important if you want to paint the cabinets a different color. As there are certain types of primer available on the market, it is better to find one that suits your needs. The type of primer to use depends on the type of paint. To use an oil-based paint, then it will be of great use an internal database based on oil and use shellac-based primer if you want to use a latex paint. The two primers have a strong smell, so make sure you cover your nose with the mask when applying.

5. Now is the essence of this project – painting the cabinets! To perform this step produces great results, be sure to use quality brush. Apply thin layers to paint your cabinets present the new image again.

Enjoy your project renovation and DIY breathe fresh air into your kitchen.

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