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Securing the inside

When you need something simple to control a crowd of people, a turnstile might be an option. There are about four types of turnstiles to choose from depending on how many people are expected to go through the area and the type of security that the area needs. A low tripod is ideal for minimum security and locations where there are not a lot of people going through. You can add a system where people who enter drop a ticket through so that you can keep track of how many guests are in the area or how many sales are made during the day. These are seen at fairs, concert venues and sporting events.

Most of the low tripods have someone sitting beside them to make sure people don’t jump over them because they are lower than other systems. There are also medium height systems where people have to walk through one at a time. Most of these are motorized or propelled by each person pushing on the arm of the unit. These are commonly used when more security than a low tripod is needed but not a full height system. The full height systems are commonly seen in prisons and areas where more security is needed. They are often made of stronger material so that they don’t break as easily and so that there is not as much of a risk as someone breaking through the system.

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