Stop that television being the focal point of your room

Stop that television being the focal point of your room

The rapidly decreasing costs of LCD TV’s has resulted in bigger screens for most households. The most used location for these to be placed, estimated at 75%, is above the fireplace in the central room of the home. The increase in the screen size has caused both women and designers have been having serious problems with a 50-70% black glass object as the central piece and main point of the living room. From a distance it is simply a visual or mechanical change when the television is hidden, to most it changes the entire atmosphere of the room. Even when the display has been turned off, attention is either consciously or unconsciously drawn towards the blank screen. This is not simply a figment of peoples imaginations, it is real, and it has a direct effect on both the decoration and atmosphere of the room.

Concealment systems are essentially custom made furniture. Due to both TV sizes and room plans there is not one solution that works for everyone, hence why such systems often cost more than the TV itself. The justification lies in that the time, money and creative effort spent in making the room look good is not masked by trying to make a 50″ piece of black glass blend non-existently into the room decor. By looking into extensive market research you would see there are a number of ways to get around this problem. All with certain pros and cons. The widely used option is usually a television lift.

A TV lift effectively implements in one both an item of home furniture and TV stands. It provides the user the power to switch between viewing a piece of general furniture or viewing the television. This is operated using a remote controlled lifting mechanism which is implemented inside the furniture. Once activated this mechanism will trigger a steel lift to move which then will cause the TV to gently rise from the furniture and effectively turn it into a television stand.

This solution solves all the problems faced by a home designer. The rooms decor does not have to be compromised, just modified in a way which cannot be seen unless controlled. The tv no longer has to be in full view unless you require it to be. As well as this there are vast security benefits which mean your tv is a lot less likely to be thiefed or broken in the every day movement around your household.


No matter what efforts television manufacturers put into their aesthetic design, they can’t solve the problem of having a large blank screen take over a room when the television is switched off. It comes as no surprise then, that demand for concealment solutions has been doubling every year for a while now.

By educating themselves about concealment mechanisms, professionals such as can offer the home owner a solution allows a big television to be hidden within the decor using a TV lift, while maintaining the visual design of the room. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

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