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Top website for comparing electric companies

I am in the middle of doing a bit of research about electricity prices and electricity companies that are available in the state of Texas. We just moved here and it is nice, but it is going to take a bit of adjusting to. I am from the Midwest, and things are quite a bit different here. I did manage to find a good website for comparing the prices of different electric companies in the state, and it is pretty helpful. I am going to try to dig up some other info though, that might help me to make up my mind in a more timely fashion.

My husband has put me in charge of taking sort of all of these details, with regards to our new home. I am going to set up the electricity, the other utilities, the internet service, and the television service that we get. So I have a number of decisions to make that are still ahead of me. I don’t think that they will all be difficult decisions, and right now, it seems like choosing an electric company might be the most difficult decision of all.

I am just not used to being faced with different options when it comes to who you buy your electricity from. One thing that I am kind of interested in, is trying to figure out how most of the electricity is generated in the state of Texas. By that, I mean that I am curious about the type of electricity generation method that is employed most of the time. I really have no idea what it would be around here. I think it would be kind of cool to buy electricity from a place that generated the electricity through nuclear fission though. I have always been interested in nuclear power.

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