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Tips for Tractor Maintenance

tractor maintenance tips

You might spend a lot of time out in the field ploughing up dirt or harvesting crops, and rather than spending the day with a trusted team of mules or horses, your best companion is probably a tractor. Even though you would get a good workout trying to do the work by hand, tractors of all sizes and the use of universal quick attach adapter equipment options have improved the efficiency and production of farms across the country.

Here is a short list of tractor maintenance ideas to help keep your tractor in top shape.

1. Make a quick visual inspection every day. Look for leaks that need to be repaired, low tires, or lighting that is out. Fill up the tank with gas and check the safety features.

2. Check the fluid levels for the engine. In addition to making sure the tractor has gas, also check the radiator fluid and oil. If you run the engine with low fluid levels you can do serious damage and cause costly repairs.

3. Check the fan drive belt. You need to make sure all dirt and debris are cleaned out of the fins on the radiator. You can use an air hose to blow it out, or you can use a pressure washer if you are careful not to bend or damage the radiator fins, the seals, or other engine components.

4. Check the air filter. The engine of your tractor needs a steady flow of air just like a car engine would so keep an eye on the filter. If it is dirty and stopped up, you can put wear and tear on the engine as it won’t get enough air to the fuel injection system. If you have noticed black smoke coming from the exhaust, it could be that there isn’t enough air intake.

When it comes to farming operations, tractors replace dogs as man’s best friend. Take care of your tractor to ensure it works for you for years to come.