Wooden Decks Look Like New for Years

A wooden deck in your backyard is almost like an extra room in your house. When the weather is fine, you can entertain friends, host birthday parties or just relax with a book while enjoying your garden or pool. After some time, your wooden deck will begin to deteriorate because of the elements and mold, dirt and mildew that undermine the sealant.

The Wooden Deck Loses Protection

As the sealant deteriorates, the wood becomes exposed and is damaged by water, UV rays that leach away the natural color of the wood and everyday wear and tear. The most common way of deck cleaning and sealing is with power washing. However, power washing can actually damage a deck even more. This is because the pressure needs to be extremely strong to lift out the dirt and grime that it actually removes part of the wood. This can leave dents and gouges that are unattractive and good places for dirt to accumulate.

There Is Another Way

Decks can be cleaned in a three-step process that used cleaning foam to soak away the dirt and grime as well as loose wood before the power washing is done. This allows the pressure of the power washer to be less, because the dirt is already lifted away from the wood. With this process, the wood is not damaged. The foam is an environmentally safe formula that doesn’t use chlorine and won’t bleach the wood. It kills mildew and mold and is safe for children, pets and the surrounding plants.

Once the dirt is removed and the clean, strong wood is exposed, you can have it stained if you want to change the color or refresh the existing color. After cleaning and staining, a sealant is applied that goes deep into the wood and lasts for years. It blocks UV rays, and protects the wood from the elements. The sealant is made from a polymer mix that actually repels dirt and grime. Your deck will not require cleaning as often, which will also make it last longer.

A wooden deck adds value to a house, and if it looks clean and beautiful, it is a pleasure to use. No matter how many years have passed since you had your wooden deck properly cleaned, this three-step process can improve its appearance and protect it for years to come.

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