Thin film solar 1

Thin film solar

Thin film solar cells (TFSC) generate electricity from sunshine or bright indoor lighting. The first TFSCs were introduced in the 1990s to power hand held calculators. TFSCs are made by attaching extremely thin photovoltaic (PV) materials such as amorphous silicon. The thickness of the PV materials is measured in nanometer or micrometers. These materials are applied to a base such as glass, metal or plastic. Before the PV materials are attached, the base surface is treated with a layer of…

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How to prevent falls in the home  2

How to prevent falls in the home

According to the National Safety Council, slips and falls cause more hospital admissions, injuries, and deaths to older adults than any other mishap or malady. The changes that occur as we age often contribute to the act of falling and to the injury sustained. But there are ways that we can make ourselves stronger, and our homes safer, so that slips and falls are not inevitable.

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A lovely modern home deserves some lovely plants 3

A lovely modern home deserves some lovely plants

When you walk into someone’s home and you are greeted by a nice, live plant that is full of life, it just makes the whole atmosphere of the house feel great. As you are taking a look at your modern house plans, you should take those plants into consideration. There are many modern home designs, but no modern home design is complete without have a plant. As you are coming up with modern home ideas for your modern house, you…

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Ideas to make your home look attractive 4

Ideas to make your home look attractive

when somebody enters to your  building  space, one of the firstborn rooms they get in is the living-room and comforter covers bedspreads.  Because of this we bonk put together these ideas to forbear a fundamental chance appear similar a framework habitation.  Secondly, every space in your house needs to prove your own personalized comprehend of name and duty to meet the necessity of those who springy there

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How to make emergency plumbing repairs  5

How to make emergency plumbing repairs

Frozen and Split Pipes In colder climates, pipes located in exterior walls, crawl spaces, and attics are often subject to freezing. The best preventive measure is to insulate these pipes. Even insulated pipes can freeze when exposed to drafts of extremely cold air. When pipes freeze, a plug of ice forms in a small section of the pipe and expands, swelling the pipe, and, in most cases, rupturing the pipe wall. Even a well-protected pipe may crack after years of…

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How important is the bathroom in a modern home? 6

How important is the bathroom in a modern home?

When you are taking a bath in your home, you are relaxing from a long day. As you are relaxing, you will want to relax in something that is comfortable, something that is on the modern side. If you have a modern living room, then you should definitely do some remodeling to your bathroom as well. There are many different modern home ideas that consist of remodeling the bathroom and giving it a more modern look. We definitely know that…

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