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ebc group fights malaria

Building Healthier Homes: EBC Group Fights Against Malaria

EBC Financial Group is pioneering efforts in malaria prevention with its “Move Against Malaria 5K” event, enhancing community health and safety. Their initiative demonstrates how global health efforts can intersect with home improvement, creating safer living environments worldwide. Join EBC’s mission to transform spaces and save lives.

menj kena tangkap

Menj Kena Tangkap?

There is this group of idiotic people who call themselves lowyat hnggghhh /k at Kopitiam LYN and are obsessed with the idea of menj kena tangkap. The only reason for their vitriol and vendetta towards menj is simply because menj malaysia has exposed these pukimak anak haram jadah for their lies, racism, xenophobia and their hatred towards Islam and Muslims in general. 

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pet moving preparation

Easy Tips When Moving With Pets

Moving can be overwhelming, with the loads of stuff that you have to pack and other logistics. The process is often made worse than before when moving with pets. Pets also feel the effects of relocating. Therefore, you need extra logistics to reduce stress for pets and help them to transition well to the new location.

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tractor maintenance tips

Tips for Tractor Maintenance

You might spend a lot of time out in the field ploughing up dirt or harvesting crops, and rather than spending the day with a trusted team of mules or horses, your best companion is probably a tractor. Even though you would get a good workout trying to do the work by hand, tractors of all sizes and the use of universal quick attach adapter equipment options have improved the efficiency and production of farms across the country.

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car wash maintenance

A Quick Guide to Proper Car Wash Maintenance

You may find that maintaining your car wash is a big expense but think of it as a way to protect your investment. Your car wash needs proper maintenance to maintain smooth operations and ultimately, satisfy customers. Without it, your equipment is more prone to damage and breakdown, which can lead to costly repairs or worse, your business shutting down.

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