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A Wide Selection of Office Furniture

Whether you prefer traditional, contemporary, functional, or luxurious when you furnish your work spaces, you will find the answer to all your needs and within your budgeting requirements because of the huge variety of beautiful and durable furniture in all price ranges that is available.

There is an amazing choice of sizes, materials, colors, fabrics, and finishes to choose from depending on what you desire and are trying to accomplish when optimizing the work environment for safety, efficiency, and comfort.

Desk Configurations

Whether you want a small single desk, a large executive desk, or individual pieces that can be configured into a multitude of work places in a large room, you can find exactly what will be the perfect solution.

Laminate work stations give you a chance to choose 24” or 36” high panels that provide complete privacy, 12” panels for moderate privacy, or a transaction top for the reception desk. Available laminate finishes can include walnut, mahogany, maple, cherry, honey, modern, and more. The panel material may be acrylic or fabric. Features include a heavy duty steel frame, metal connections for increased durability, top-quality steel ball bearing drawer slides, and much more.

Privacy Screens

Acrylic or fabric privacy dividers can be mounted in any position above or below the work surfaces when a number of employees share desk configurations. Available in a large number of colors, they suit the modern environment.


This is a commercial-grade heavy-duty panel system with 2 1/4” thick aluminum frame construction and in an upgraded designer fabric. It is used as stylish room dividers or for desk wrap applications. It is easy to install and easy to change around when necessary,.

Electrical Height Adjustable Tables

Sitting for prolonged periods can cause back and neck stiffness, muscle strain, and lack of circulation that can result in a loss of productivity. These tables can help promote a healthier and more efficient workplace as employees can stand as they work.

Used Cubicles and Desks

An extensive inventory of refurbished office cubicles, modular workstations, chairs, and desks are also for sale in dozens of different styles, finishes, and colors. That makes them even more budget-friendly.

Office Furniture Direct in Portland, Oregon, serves the Pacific Northwest and beyond. They invite you to view online catalog or contact a knowledgeable sales representative to learn the descriptions of their full line of furniture. In fact, if you view their actual catalog, printed using vegetable based inks, they ask that you recycle the catalog because they support recycling efforts. You can also schedule a free design consultation.

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