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Vibrant Ways to Add Color To Kitchen

colorful kitchen accents

So you’ve finally put together that all-white or all-stainless or all-black kitchen of your dreams. Appliances, cabinets and tile blend together into a perfect monochromatic whole. It’s clean and sleek and cool … but maybe a little bland. Putting a little paint on that pristine canvas can highlight your lack of colour scheme and give it some vibrant accents.  

Cool Tools

While your refrigerator dishwasher and stove may be all of a colour, there’s no reason your countertop, mixer, toaster and coffee maker can’t provide some brilliant contrast. Or make an arrangement of some color coordinated cutting boards. Brightly hued mugs from the dollar store lined up on an open shelf make a decorative splash.

Add-On Adornments

Your local hardware superstore likely has a huge variety of cabinet handles and drawer pulls in all sorts of colours and sizes. Use them to replace all your existing knobs or scatter them over a few. Refrigerator magnets may sound like an invitation to a mess, but instead of plastering that pretty surface with stickers from merchants and children’s drawings, shop around for some distinctive, decorative, and colourful magnets to provide colour without clutter. 

Table Treats

Placemats, cloth napkins, seat cushions, dishes, and handles on flatware are all good places to sneak a little vibrance into an otherwise placid kitchen. Keep some zesty settings on your tabletop at all times, or put a vase of flowers or a pretty tea set on display. Hand towels and dish towels can also be convenient ways to slip some colour through a refrigerator handle. 

You’ve worked hard and paid a lot to get that kitchen just the way you want it. Picking the right accessories allows you to make little colour changes to suit the occasion or your mood. And you can easily banish them all to appreciate that calming colourlessness any time you want.

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