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Staying Warm and Safe With A Chimney Sweep

When the temperatures start to cool and winter is on the way, people start to think about heating their homes. If you are like most people, you want to stay warm and save money on energy costs.

Many are adding alternative heating sources to their homes, such as wood burning stoves. Others are making use of their fireplace.

There are a few things that should be done each year if you are planning to use a fireplace for heat or just the ambiance.


Have the Chimney Cleaned

Every year, fires start in chimneys that have not been used for years. While some can be extinguished before they spread beyond the chimney, others engulf the entire home.

It is extremely important to have your fireplace cleaned each year by a professional. This is why companies such as 301 Chimney provide a dc chimney sweep.

It is recommended to only burn hardwood that has been seasoned, because soft and damp wood creates more creosote. This is what builds up in the chimney and can cause a fire.

You should also never burn cardboard or other debris in the fireplace.

Watch the Fireplace

Just like burning an outdoor fire, you should never leave a fire in your fireplace unattended. Make sure you put it out before going to bed.

Always use a screen as this can help prevent sparks that could start a fire.

A screen with glass doors has many benefits. It helps prevent cold air from entering the home, and heat radiates through the glass to keep it warmer.

Always watch children around a fireplace. They should be taught not to be near it or ever try to start a fire.

Set ground rules about the fireplace the same as you would other rules. Even if you use a screen with glass doors, they can become very hot and should not be touched.

Chimney Sweep Maintenance

A fireplace can be a very beneficial way to help save on heating costs during the winter, but ensuring that they are safe and educating everyone in the household about the dangers could prevent a tragedy.

Getting a professional chimney sweep to clean your fireplace is the best way to go in order to keep you warm and safe during those cold winter nights.

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