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Three common drain problems

If your pipes have been rattling with effort, or if you’ve noticed an unpleasant squish when you walk through your backyard, the problem may be deep in your drains. Here are just three common problems and how to fix them.

1: Bad Soil Conditions

No one likes walking through damp, sticky soil, but the good news is that this isn’t usually a problem with leaks. The soil itself is the most common culprit: When it lacks proper nutrients and organic materials, it forms a clay-like substance that doesn’t allow water to pass through. You can fix it by physically breaking up the dirt or introducing organic fertilizer to your yard.

2: Improper Drainage Materials

If you lack the proper drain tiles in your basement, you could be inviting serious water damage to both your foundation and its surrounding areas. This is particularly a concern in wintertime during freeze-thaw-freeze cycles. You’ll either need to install some tiles yourself or look for companies that specialize in drains Toronto.

3: Clogs

Clogs are the number one reason for drainage issues everywhere. Dirt, hair, grease and food debris can become real menaces to your bathroom or kitchen sink. Clean your drains with chemicals or hand-held snakes, and then make sure nothing goes down them that doesn’t belong.

If you think your drains are causing problems around the house, these are just three signs and symptoms worth investigating. If you can’t solve the issue on your own, consider calling a drain company Toronto for professional evaluation and repair.

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