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Decorate your bathroom on a budget

When decorating your home, only a few rooms have the same impact as your bathroom or kitchen when you’re working on them. You’ll feel a sense of fulfillment when you take a tired old bathroom and turn it in into something bright and shiny again. However, if you’re like most people, the thought of remodeling your bathroom might make you cringe because of the budget it requires. You can breathe easy though. You don’t have to spend too much to transform your bathroom.

The first step in redoing your bathroom on a budget is to assess where the worst blemishes and eyesores are. You can start by painting the walls but you have to first decide if you’re going to remove any cabinets. Painting your bathroom is best saved for the latter part of your work instead of at the beginning.

These days, you may opt for smaller vanities and cabinets instead of the big ones so you can have the appearance of a wide-open bathroom. You may find that removing those bulky cabinets from your bathroom may require some extent of patching for the drywall and obvious gaps on your floor.

If your bathroom is small, it’s best to choose lighter colors on the walls in order to make them appear larger. Colored towels and decorations can bring darker accents to your bathroom but you must keep the wall colors light and bright. It is also important that your paint can withstand the humidity of your bathroom.

You also need to get flooring that can withstand high heat and humidity. Avoid using hardwood. Instead, use ceramic tiles for your flooring as they are your best bet and they are easy on the budget. You can also get some laminates designed to respond well to your bathroom’s highly humid environment. Choose flooring that will complement your walls and your overall design.

It’s fairly easy to purchase toilets for your bathroom but don’t concern yourself too much with this unless you absolutely need to change the one you already have. Despite being fairly simple, purchasing a toilet still needs careful consideration on your budget, especially if you’re new at doing this.

The same principle goes with your shower and your bathtub. If you really feel that you need to replace your shower or your bathtub, hire professionals to fix your shower or resurface your tub. This is considerably cheaper than buying a brand-new tub and these professionals will have your old tub looking as good as new without leaving a dent on your budget.

To finish off your bathroom on a budget, try putting new knobs, fixtures, and hardware to see the difference these can make in your space. Put some lamps around your bathroom for subtle lighting and some of your own decorative touches from bathroom remodeling minneapolis.

The only items that you should be splurging on are the shower curtain and guest towels as they will complete the look of your room. Make sure that these will also blend in with the colors and design you planned in order to create an overall atmosphere that is united. Inspiration Design Center specialize in natural stone kitchen & bath countertops. You can achieve all of this by doing it one step at a time, even if your budget is limited.

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