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How to Prevent Your Teen from Getting Locked Out of the House

If you have a teenage son or daughter, then chances are good that he or she has more freedom to roam in and out of the house than he or she did at a younger age. For example, your teen might come home to an empty house when you’re at work. You could be worried about your teen getting locked out of the house because of this newfound freedom, but these tips can help.


Give Your Teen a Key and Key Chain

First of all, your teen is going to need his or her own key to the house. Consider opting for a decorative key in a cool color or pattern that your teen might like. Then, put it on a key chain that your teen picks out. By making sure that the key looks cool, you can help encourage your teen not to lose it.

Give a Key to a Neighbor

Even if your teen has his or her own key to the house, there is the chance that the key could be lost or misplaced. If this happens, your teen could end up locked out of the house. If this happens when you’re at work or when you’re on vacation, you could be unsure of what to do. Making sure that a trustworthy neighbor or family friend who lives nearby has a spare copy of your house key will help. Plus, it’s not a bad idea for someone to have a key to your house in case your entire family goes on vacation or another similar scenario occurs.

Store the Phone Number for a Locksmith

Every homeowner should have a good residential locksmith Orlando stored in their phone so they know who to call if they get locked out of their home or if they need help with their home locks. A locksmith can help by going to your house and helping your teen get in if he or she gets locked out, for example.

If you’re concerned about your teen getting locked out of the house, the tips above can help. Then, you can help make sure that your teen can always get into the house when he or she needs to.

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