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Home security systems with alarm monitoring

Traditional home security systems usually don’t involve any monitoring. CCTV surveillance cameras record videos that could later be reviewed. In such systems, the actual footage is seen only after an incident such as a burglary has occurred and the homeowners have arrived hours later. With modern alarm systems, there is monitoring in real time. A relay company essentially keeps an eye on all of the home security components of a client. For instance, indoor and outdoor video cameras are viewed by dedicated staff. Any suspicious activity that is caught on camera prompts an immediate response. Relay companies can dispatch the police and fire departments after a threat that’s shown on camera is quickly assessed.

Real-time monitoring of home security systems also includes an evaluation of components such as smoke detectors. By relying only on video surveillance, it might be difficult to detect any fire hazards such as faulty electrical wires or space heaters that are burning. A relay company usually calls the local fire department if a smoke or carbon monoxide detector does not deactivate within 1 minute.

Modern alarm system monitoring services also deliver videos and other alerts directly to homeowners. Modern alarms and video cameras could be easily connected to a home’s wireless Internet network as well as traditional electrical system and ground phone line. Real time streaming of surveillance videos is something that homeowners truly appreciate in a high-tech age. Relay companies provide such services via mobile apps that could be used by smartphones and tablets. There are also video streaming programs that could be launched on traditional Web browsers for desktop and laptop computers. Alarm relay companies try to alert clients in real time by sending text messages or emails. Homeowners should be have the option of being informed about any incidents in their properties that are being threatened.

High-tech alarm systems also feature sensors that detect excessive force on the windows and door hardware. When these sensors are activated, a relay company usually confirms a major threat such as a forceful entry or a heavy object falling onto a home. For example, shattered glass activates the highest alarm level in sensors that detect force. Similarly, such sensitive gadgets also evaluate heavy knocking on the door or manipulation of the lock hardware and hinges. Infrared sensors can also be set outside a home to detect movement near all entrances.

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