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4 Tips for Better Organization in the Kitchen

Are you tired of your messy kitchen? Have you burned your dinner because you couldn’t find a necessary tool or ingredient at a critical moment? Here are just a few ways to increase the cleanliness and organization of your cooking space.


 Label Everything

Labels are one of your best friends when it comes to kitchen organization. You can apply them to everything from cabinet drawers to individual spice bottles, and they’ll keep you from accidentally sprinkling salt instead of sugar over your cookie sheets. You can buy them pre-made or as blank stickers that can be scribbled on with your own hand.

Utilize Your Vertical Space

Don’t ignore your upper walls and ceilings when it comes to kitchen organization. You can hang barely-used pots on the very highest of shelves; this will allow you to get them out of the way without actually throwing them away. You can also use hooks and racks to hang up your aprons instead of balling them up in a drawer somewhere. Vertical space is often underused in kitchens, but you don’t have to make the same mistake as other homeowners!

Buy Better Cabinets

This is especially important if you’re looking into contemporary kitchen cabinets Greensburg PA. You’ll want cabinets that can divide and secure your kitchen tools with minimal fuss, so don’t buy anything outdated or with a flawed design. Look for cabinets with good knobs, shelves, compartments, locks and overall materials.

Clear Off Your Counter-tops

If you’re organizing things correctly, your counter-tops should be clear or mostly clear. They shouldn’t be covered with a mass of “stuff” that makes it difficult to use them for their intended purpose. Appliances that you don’t use every day can go in your cabinets; food and cleaning supplies should be stored in their own pantry areas. Keep your counter-tops clear if you’re serious about tidiness.

These are just a few ways to increase the organization of your kitchen. Whether you’re thinking about simple changes or large-scale transformations, use these tips for building yourself a great cooking space!

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