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What Are the Best Materials for Flat Roofs?

Water pools on top of flat roofs, so homeowners should keep an eye out for signs that it’s time to replace their roof to avoid water damage. Thankfully, there are many different materials with which you can replace your flat roof.

Built-Up Roof

This long-lasting roof contains layers of tar and gravel that help insulate your home. Unfortunately, BUR roofs have installation pitfalls. If you’re interested in this flat roof replacement Denver CO, you’ll need to be out of the house during installation, and support beams may need to be added to the roof to help it hold the heavy materials involved.


These rubber roofs are cost effective and very durable. The rubber can be secured to your roof in several easy ways, making installation a breeze. The biggest downside, however, is that EPDM has seams that are vulnerable to springing leaks. This can be mitigated by putting a spray-applied coating on top of your new roof; this is an additional cost but will increase its lifespan.

Modified Bitumen

There are several ways to install this durable, long-lasting roof, but it’s recommended that you discuss the best way with your contractor, as installation is fast but can be a bit dangerous. The seams are melted to prevent leaks and it is more storm-resistant than other membrane roofs.


This is a beautiful, trendy option that also carries some practical benefits. Hail and high winds will not damage these long-lasting roofs as easily as others. They are one of the most energy efficient roofs out there; they save you money on cooling your house, are partially made from recycled metals and require almost zero maintenance. When it’s time to replace them, they will need to be taken off of your house entirely but can be recycled.

Replacing a roof is a huge investment and an important decision that’s impacted both by the climate where you live, what qualities you prioritize and your budget. At the end of it, however, you’ll be able to rest easy that your roof will be leak-proof for years to come.

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