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Real Estate in the West Palm Beach area

People who are interested in buying, renting or selling real estate West Palm Beach FL will want to work with a real estate company that can assist them with every step of a real estate transaction. Coastal Prestige is one of these companies. Those who are interested in buying a home in the West Palm Beach area will find thousands of homes for sale listed on the company’s website. Prospective homeowners can search for homes by size or price. They can plot the homes on a map to see where they are located.

People who want homes with plenty of room for overnight guests can search for houses with between six and 10 bedrooms. Homes on this list may include luxurious nine-bedroom houses on the waterfront. Features of these houses may include a pool, an outdoor dining area, a game room and a large patio with a view of the water. A two-acre estate on the waterfront is another example of a home that could be found when doing a search for large homes. A house on this estate might have eight bedrooms and more than 200 feet of property along the beach. Features of this home may include a salt water pool, gardens and outdoor living areas.

Parents who are looking for houses near schools can search for houses with three, four or five bedrooms. This search will bring up several thousand homes. Interested parties can look at the location of these homes on a map to see how close they are to schools.

People who want historic homes can search the company’s listings by the year the house was built. Historic homes for sale might include a four-bedroom house from 1917 or a three-bedroom house from 1930.

Those who are interested in homes for rent will find several thousand homes for rent when they look at the company’s Rental Search section. These homes include condos with one bedroom and houses with several bedrooms. Large houses with six bedrooms are also available for rent.

People who want to sell their homes can contact this real estate company for assistance. The company will list homes for sale on real estate websites that are viewed by prospective buyers throughout the United States.

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