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Replacing your bathroom floor

replacing your bathroom floor

Replacing ceramic floor can be done by the average homeowner qualified. You need a couple of special tools, but none of them is very expensive and the tools that will last forever. Be aware that the bathroom is down for a week or two and plan on that. If you are dong this alternative work part-time or evening or weekend to add a little more time. Remove all items loose in the bathroom. Next, remove the toilet. Land Cover pipe penetrations (shields) should be deleted. If the finish of the existing floor is ceramic on wood, hitting the tiles with a large hammer usually leave most of the tile. The rest can be removed with a chisel or a chisel and hammer masons. You should get a good sub-surface clean when finished. Wear goggles at all times.

Once the old tiles are removed, you must plan the design of new models of tile. Using real images, hair lay on the ground, not only to establish the model, but to see the cuts will be needed. It is important not to end up with a piece of tile from a wall and an almost full on the opposite side. You want as close as possible to have two equal parts on both sides of the room. Once you have the provision in which you want to ensure that the lines are parallel to a wall. The wall is on the right of the door liner is used, because that’s where you see the mosaic floor first. If the lines are straight, the rest of the monitoring room.

Measure the two wall brackets or the center of the door. If there is a trend in the tile, the center of a row in the door for a better look. If you make a pattern, the pattern may appear, it is best worn in the room. It’s your choice to decide if just before you start laying tile. Using the chalk line, draw a line across the room as the starting point of reference.

You will need a tool ceramic cutting, pinching pliers and maybe a couple of tiles clips good quality well fitted kitchen. The cutter can be bought and not very expensive. If you anticipate a large number of cut is necessary, rent a tile saw for a few days. It makes the job much easier. Of the chalk line, put your first row of tiles on one side of the line and do not cover the line while you work. The line will be the articulation of the grout. The work that forms around the room doing all the cutting tables on the fly. You will not be able to return to the area until the glue hardens in a day or two. Again, a piece cut on the fly. Wipe excess adhesive that broke out in between the tiles or the contact faces. You want the spaces between the tiles to be as clean as possible to allow the suspension is pushed into the facet joints.

Here’s the biggest and most important. Not for any reason, try to walk or crawl on the floor once it is established. No matter how careful you are, you turn the tables out of alignment with the phase only be made complete. If the room has a door closing shut. If not, barricade the door with everything they can to prevent someone from accidentally walking in the cool tile. Twenty-four hours is a minimum drying time. Keep traffic off the ground until the grout is installed is also important to avoid any debris or dirt from shoes to get into the grout spaces.

Once the tile adhesive is dry, you can proceed with the installation of the grout. Grout should also dry four hours before the pedestrian traffic is allowed to return. Should there be additional construction in the room, put a little craft of good quality brown paper on the floor to protect the finish. Otherwise, replace the toilet and another room decorations.

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