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Is the Roof On My Home Failing?

The thought of the expense of replacing a roof might be harsh to the family budget, but waiting for the roof to completely fail can cause extensive damage and injuries. Below are a few signs to look for to determine if you are approaching the time to get the roof replaced.

Aging Past the Expected Lifetime of Materials

An asphalt shingle roof will need replacing after 15 to 25 years, depending on the quality of materials. You should begin pricing the cost of replacement when you have reached or exceeded this period of time. You can experience a complete failure at any time, and often without warning.

Loose and Missing Shingles

A few loose and missing shingles is not a big deal, as long as these areas are repaired right away. When you experience a loss in major portions of the roof, you are looking at a roof replacement. Check with expert roofing companies Beaverton OR counts on for fast and affordable roofing services.

Reduced Indoor Temperature Efficiency

If your energy costs begin to skyrocket for no apparent reason, it can be a sign that your roof is no longer doing a great job at deflecting sun rays, or sealing out the weather. It’s worth having a roof inspection done to determine if that’s the problem.

Constant Leaks

Water dripping from the ceiling is not the only location that can point to roofing problems. Check the attic for signs of water damage. You should also check your basement or crawlspace for water seeping in behind the walls. Constant leak repairs can add up to big money over time. It might be better to go ahead and have the roof replaced.

Indents, Bowls, or Bowing

Any bows, indents, and bowing in the surface of the roof is a sign that there is rot or water damage to the wood support. You will need to have repairs made before the roof collapses.

As your home ages and undergoes the punishment of seasonal changes, storms, and moisture exposure, the time will come that a replacement is necessary. Catching problems before a complete roof failure happens gives you the time you need to plan and budget for replacement.

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