What Makes Spray Foam a Viable Insulation Option?

spray foam insulation

Spray foam could be a viable insulation option if you want to improve your home’s insulation. It is a popular choice for sealing cracks and gaps and can help keep the interior comfortable and improve your home’s energy efficiency no matter what time of the year.  Here is why spray foam installed by professional insulation contractors Maryland is a viable option for insulating a home.

Moisture Infiltration

Spray foam can be an effective way to keep moisture at bay. With spray foam insulation, homeowners can be sure that their interior won’t get overly humid on soggy, wet days. Reducing moisture infiltration can help prevent the growth of mold and mildew as well.


The R-value of an insulation material measures the rate at which heat transfers from the outside to the inside. The main purpose of insulating a home is to slow heat transfer. However, some insulating materials can be more effective than others. Spray foam has a fantastic R-Value, which means its insulating capabilities can last longer than other insulators.


 Both closed and open cells in spray foam contribute to its cost-effectiveness. Spray foam insulators are unlike cellulose loose-fill insulation and fiberglass batts. Their R-value is a little higher, and that’s what makes them more cost-effective.


Nothing disrupts a quiet, peaceful night than outdoor noise. Spray foam can be an excellent way to soundproof a ceiling or wall to keep that annoying noise outside. With spray foam insulation, you can be sure of quieter nights no matter how noisy the outside is. There is currently a no better way to soundproof a home than with spray foam insulation.

Spray foam insulating materials have fantastic performance attributes. Spray foam is probably the only insulating material you need to insulate your entire house. With professionally installed spray foam, you can stay comfortable and lower your energy bill without straining your finances.