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Regular car maintenance

It’s hard to get by without a car. Although people rely on public transportation all the time, there is freedom in having a car. Cars are also efficient forms of transportation. Instead of relying on public transportation that can take additional time to get to a destination, a car can take a person to their destination in quicker time. This leaves more time for people to do the things they love. It’s important to take care of a car in order to keep enjoying its benefits. Read More »Regular car maintenance

Childproof your garage doors

Think back to the games you invented as a child and you might be able understand the “thrill” of a game entitled “Beat the garage door.” The object of the game is to run underneath the door before it has a chance to close. While thrilling to children, the game should be met with alarm from adults. Kids have been struck by the descending door or even trapped beneath it, and injury or death have been the result. Read More »Childproof your garage doors

Garage cabinet sets for your home

How many times have you entered your garage just to turn right around and leave again, unwilling or unable to navigate around the clutter and mess you face? How many has your sleeping in on weekend mornings has been disturbed by the crashes, clangs and banging from your neighbor’s garage? How many times have you been politely reminded that potential buyers of your for-sale home won’t pay as much as you’d like for your two-car, attached garage because of the stains on the floor, the messy workbench or the unsightly hole in the wall caused by the rake handle punching through it when it got run over by your child’s misjudging distances in the family car? Read More »Garage cabinet sets for your home