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The Natural Flow Of The Pool

One of the amenities that you might want to consider adding to the home if you want somewhere to have fun, relax or entertain is a pool. There are several pool designs to think about, but you need to take your budget into consideration as the additions that you can make to a pool can get expensive. A swimming pool construction St. Louis County MO company can come to the home to measure the area in the yard and offer ideas as to what would work best in the space that you have and what would work with the money that you have to spend.

If you’re thinking about changing the exterior of the home as well, then paint the home so that it’s the same shade as the water in the pool. Another idea would be to paint the concrete around the pool so that it’s in the same color family as the water. All of the elements of the exterior of the home and the pool can flow together so that there aren’t contrasting colors.

Create a division from the rest of the neighborhood with a living wall. This is essentially a tall hedge instead of a fence in the yard. Position a few chairs and umbrellas along the hedge along with a table or two on the opposite side, especially if there isn’t a lot of room to work with on one side of the pool so that everything can stay together. If you live in a wooded area, keep the trees in place instead of hiring someone to cut them down. It will provide a natural privacy fence and give the illusion of an oasis if you design the pool the right way. Instead of installing a traditional pool, keep one end slanted so that it looks like you’re walking into the ocean or a lake instead of a man-made amenity. Stone accents around the pool add to the natural look that you want to achieve. You could even add a few stone benches around the pool or a large stone sitting area with a hot tub in the middle.

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