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Totally Transform Your Property Using Paver Pathways

The use of quality pavers has become an increasingly popular way to bring personality into truly creative outdoor projects. Landscaping and traditional walkways will never be the same. Below are a few ways you can use pavers to bring your own personality and style to the table.

Grand Entrance

There are a number of different paver colors and styles you can use to create a grand entrance that would make the Queen of England feel at home. Rich reds, tans, brown, gray, blue, and slate colors can all be blended and sculpted to create exquisite designs for the main walkway and steps leading to your front door. You can get creative with design and use a stately interlocking pattern or unforgettably impressive Romanesque curvatures.

Travertine Courtyard and Walkway

You can make any backyard look like a million dollars by the bold center placement of travertine pavers to form a stunning courtyard. Add curved walkways that lead to the house, garage and beyond will invoke the feel of a relaxing country estate. Add a wrought iron patio set, colorful blooms and it will seem like taking a quick journey to France.

Break Up the Downhill

Expansive front yards that have a steep grade can be made easier to climb up by breaking up the terrain with a paver walkway and steps. The walkway can be relatively flat, with the true rise in elevation happening with each successive level of steps.

Pool Pizzaz

Pools are a popular outdoor accessory for quite a few homes. One way to dress them up nicely is to add real stone pavers. You can give your entertainment area a Spanish or Mediterranean flare with the choice placement of pavers and design patterns.

Storage Shed Cobblestone Paver Path

The naturally aged look of a cobblestone paver path in the backyard seems to come straight out of German book of fairytales. These cobblestone inspired pavers have the look and feel of products produced hundreds of years ago by hand sculpting. You can have this look for a fraction of the price and none of the work.

Contact paver specialists like Modern Paving and discuss a few ideas in walkway pavers today!

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