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Five winning customization options for your home’s deck

No matter how spacious and well-built it might be, no house is complete without a deck. Property value appreciation and increased utility are just two of the many benefits that come with installing a deck. Going beyond the basics is what really sets a deck apart from the pack. Here are a few choice deck upgrades to consider.

Tack On Some Metal Fixtures

Most homeowners light up their decks with boring floodlights that are either manually operated or motion activated. Such lights are often glaring and do little to add nighttime ambiance. A better option would be to add a few wrought iron, copper or brass lanterns accented with glass panes for a refined, upscale feel.

Add Bench Seats for Storage

A typical deck in middle America features standalone chairs and chaise lounges for seating. One can add style and extra functionality by installing wooden bench seats that double as storage containers for outdoor gear. Bench seats come in a wide array of materials and finishes that can complement an existing deck’s style.

Install Cable or Pipe Rails

Most decks feature wood railings and slats along the edges. The only problem with this configuration is that the railing itself obscures the view and doesn’t look particularly unique. Swapping out the wood for cable or pipe railings imparts a sleek, modern look that stands up to the elements.

Put in a Functional Arbor

One way to personalize a deck is with a bespoke arbor that supports ornamental vines. Hiring a custom deck builder like Archadeck to craft an arbor for your deck can add both beauty and functionality for a modest price. Alternatively, railing-mounted planters allow homeowners to green up a deck or balcony quickly and easily.

Erect a Few Sun Sails

The only problem with an open deck is that it can sometimes be a bit too sunny for comfort on hot days. For many homeowners, a full awning is overkill and provides too much shade. Adjustable sun sails are a great compromise between direct sunlight and the overwhelming coverage of a roof.

Any Deck Can Be Special

The great thing about decks from a home improvement standpoint is that they present the blankest slate possible for renovation. They’re so simple yet so full of possibilities if you use a little creativity. The ideas mentioned here are a good starting point and can work for any deck scenario imaginable.

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