Call in the experts for all of your heating and cooling needs post

Call in the experts for all of your heating and cooling needs

When it comes to your heating and cooling systems, you want to make sure that everything is done properly the first time around. Choose the right system and you’ll have an option that is environmentally-friendly. You’ll also find yourself saving money on your utility bills. When it’s time for those vital repairs, a replacement, or a new installation, turn to a team of professionals that you can trust. You need a service like DC Cheek Heating and Cooling to make…

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Three common drain problems post

Three common drain problems

If your pipes have been rattling with effort, or if you’ve noticed an unpleasant squish when you walk through your backyard, the problem may be deep in your drains. Here are just three common problems and how to fix them.

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How to prevent falls in the home  post

How to prevent falls in the home

According to the National Safety Council, slips and falls cause more hospital admissions, injuries, and deaths to older adults than any other mishap or malady. The changes that occur as we age often contribute to the act of falling and to the injury sustained. But there are ways that we can make ourselves stronger, and our homes safer, so that slips and falls are not inevitable.

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How to make your stairs and hallways safer  post

How to make your stairs and hallways safer

Stairs and hallways should be kept free of clutter, toys, laundry baskets, or any of the typical items that seem to accumulate there. Make sure the stairs and hallways are well-lighted: switches should be installed at the top and the bottom of the stairs to prevent climbing up or down simply to turn the light on or off. Properly anchored railings should be installed on all stairs; consider railings in hallways for family members who are infirm.

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How to find a good contractor

Decisions for their projects to improve the property must be complemented by a judicious manner. While this may be a little tempted to hire a company with the lowest bid, it would be desirable to keep someone who does a good job and save money in the long term. Start your list with at least three to five general contractors. This list will serve as a starting point and it’s also just the beginning of pre-selection and end with at…

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