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car wash maintenance

A Quick Guide to Proper Car Wash Maintenance

You may find that maintaining your car wash is a big expense but think of it as a way to protect your investment. Your car wash needs proper maintenance to maintain smooth operations and ultimately, satisfy customers. Without it, your equipment is more prone to damage and breakdown, which can lead to costly repairs or worse, your business shutting down.

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Staying Warm and Safe With A Chimney Sweep

If you are like most people, you want to stay warm and save money on energy costs. There are a few things that should be done each year if you are planning to use a fireplace for heat or just the ambiance.

Keep your home clean without spending the whole day

We all enjoy the benefits of living in a clean home. It’s nice to eat on clean dishes and sleep on clean sheets. However, most of us don’t live in self-cleaning homes. Instead, We must maintain our homes. Nobody wants to spend all day cleaning up. That’s not fun. Luckily, there are a few tips that we can put to work to keep our homes clean without it being an all-day affair.

Wash a Load of laundry a Day

You can avoid the typical mountain of laundry by washing one load of laundry a day. This is one practice that will keep you from having to slave over your washer and dryer for hours, just to make a dent in the laundry mountain. Do a little bit every day and you will avoid laundry overload. You won’t need pcb protection to do this.

Keep the Bathroom and Kitchen Under Control

We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms and kitchens. These areas can be the most work-intensive spaces in our homes if we let them get out of control. Learn to wash dishes as you go to prevent having to tackle a pile of dishes after each meal. You can wash dishes as the food is cooking. You may have dishes to clean after each meal but the amount of work should be minimal. The same rings true for your bathroom. Clean the sinks and toilet at the end of the day. You will wake up to a clean bathroom and prevent this room from becoming dirty from constant use and neglect. Read More »Keep your home clean without spending the whole day

Know when to call a Columbus water restoration team

Have you ever been in the middle of a water emergency that really threw you for a loop? I have, and it’s not any fun. You don’t want to be in that situation, but if you end up dealing with a water emergency, then you need to know when it’s time to call a water restoration team. These types of situations aren’t always going to present themselves as a burst pipe, flood or similar matter that sends you running to the phone. In fact, slow leaks, mold growth and many things can become a serious problem without many homeowners even realizing it’s happening to that degree. Therefore, it’s essential that you know about these types of situations so that you don’t find yourself in the group of people that end up wishing they had called a Columbus water restoration team much sooner. Read More »Know when to call a Columbus water restoration team

Is professional carpet cleaning a good option?

If your carpet is stained or soaked after a flood, it is best to call a professional carpet cleaning service. Keep reading if you need help with finding a reliable carpet cleaner. It is important to act quickly. If you wait too long before calling a professional carpet cleaning service, the stains could set in the carpet and become impossible to remove. Find a professional who can clean your carpet instead of trying to fix the problem yourself. You could make things worse if you try cleaning your carpet with the wrong product or method. Read More »Is professional carpet cleaning a good option?

Bed bugs that bite

Readers might think that this issue is unrelated to what is usually written about advanced home living. On the contrary, it is strongly related to our sleeping habits and a healthy living environment. You may also think that bed bugs are long extinct and these little critters do not exist any longer. However, they are more common then you would suspect and could even be hiding out in your house. These things are about 3/16 of an inch long and do not just hide in the seams of your mattress or the crevices of sheets and comforters, but can also be found in many other places in the house. That is what makes them so difficult to detect.

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